Welcome to my “Sneaker box” everybody. First off , I gotta say thanks to Clyde for hooking me up with this space on his site, to share my O.S.D. with even more of my fellow addicts now..LoL…Most of my posts will be pretty random, a lot of older vintage stuff, clothes, kicks, ect. A lot of runners too. I plan on posting a few different pieces of apparel or pairs, per week, and just giving a little info on them, and how I got em or if they’re still available. I will also try to capture and share some of the vintage hunts I go on, the best I can. Everything I post will be mostly from my personal archives, and some of the things I post, may be available for sale or trade, from time to time…..Here’s a few pics to enjoy for now…


1991 Reebok “The Settlement”

1992 Adidas “Mutombos”