Air Max 90s….I LOVE that shoe…..Love it……It’s kinda hard to explain, but in my opinion, AM 90s are the Greatest Of All Time. I mean, I personally love all sorts of different models and brands of running sneakers, but something about the Air Max 90, is just THAT much more appealing to me. I’m a huge fan of Air Max 1s and Air Max Lights, the Air Max 90s predecessors, but they can’t touch the AM 90, in my eyes. I think it’s the best parts of those two shoes, AM 1s and AM Lights, combined together, plus the new silhouette of the AM 90, that make it such a perfect sneaker in my eyes.





When designing the Air Max 90, they took the mudguard from the AM 1s and AM Lights, but made it much higher, and no longer wrapping all the way around the front of the shoe, and ending on the inner side. A plastic “Air Max” badge was added to the mudguard, as well. I really like that, because it allows the sneaker to be broken up a little more, and not necessarily stick to one solid mudguard color, around the whole shoe. Next, plastic eye stays where added (from the AM Light), except a bit smaller, and another plastic eye stay was added to the redesigned top three eyelets. Another great feature is the new air bag unit. Instead of being built right into the midsole, the AM 90s air unit breaks up the midsole, once again, allowing for many more options in design. The swoosh was also slightly relocated and made a bit smaller. Instead of ending, where it meets at the back “Air Max” panel, it is cut off by the mudguard, ending in more of a point. A much larger “Air Max” badge was also added to the heel of the AM 90, in replacement of the smaller, smoother “Air Max” on the heel panel of the other two kicks.

All of these features that I mentioned, just seem to make the perfect sneaker for me. I know alot of folks will argue, that AM 1s are better, or AM 95s are the best Air Max ever….Well, I’m not arguing..LoL..I’m just stating the fact that I LOVE Air Max 90s. My personal taste in sneakers varies widely. And no matter what I buy, and what I say my new “Favorite” sneaker may be, I will ALWAYS come back to the Air Max 90. I don’t think I will ever have enough of em. I started to make a list, of strictly Air Max 90s that I still needed and plan on getting at some point. When it got past the 100 pair mark, I threw the list out..SMH. That’s just AM 90s. I have about 5 dozen pairs of em, as of right now, and I still need 100+ different pairs?!? WTF?!? LoL…I almost wish they’d stop production of em, for a few years, so I could just catch up with em, and work on my obbsessive sneaker disorder. But I’m sure I’ll never get them all, and that list is just going to grow and grow…..and grow. And I’m fine with that…Because everytime I think I’m losing a lil interest with the kicks, or gettin a lil bored, I just take it back to my roots in this thing, and find myself some dope AM 90s…and my interest/love is sparked right back up again…

Heres a few of my favorite Air Max 90s…I wear them alot…..

Patta “Homegrown” AM 90s…..Word to my man 4Mosa, for these beauties….

“Hemp” AM 90s

“Concord” AM 90s…My personal favorite AM 90 c/w, and a great original c/w, from 1990…..

2007 JDSports Euro Exclusive “Spruce Green” AM 90S…Another AMAZING original c/w……

2003 Release..The micromesh over bigger mesh toebox and ankle collar is sick on these…..

Dark Army “Plaid” AM 90s…In my top 10 AM 90s..Easily…

“Houndstooth” Am 90s…The real Houndstooth 90s..Not the AM 90/360 joints….

2009 Jd Sports Euro Exclusive “West” AM 90s..Best AM 90s in the Rivalry pack…IMO

2009 Jd Sports Euro Exclusive “West” AM 90s..2nd best AM 90s in the Rivalry pack…IMO

Doernbecher Charity AM 90s..Great shoe, high quality and great design..Love the handprint and the multi-colored soles….

Euro Footlocker exclusive…”I Am The Rules” Am 90s….Word to my man Sheinzy for hookin me up with these..