I remember my 1st time seeing one of these. I was like WTF! I’m a huge fan of Nike SBs; and when I saw a dope Nike SB Dunk Low on an Air Force 1 Bottom I didn’t know know what to think. Some people hate em, some love em. To each his own. I like em’ I actually need to holler at Clark and see if he’ll hook me up. If you’re reading this,My birthday’s in March Clark HINT! LOL

But, yeah, take a look at a few of Clark’s Nike Dunk SB Force 1s from his personal Collection. Question, have you seen anyone outside of ATF with these?

s/o to Sneakerpedia & Clark for the pics.

Jedi SB Dunk

Tiffany SB Dunk

Boca Juniors SB Dunk

Doernbecher Charity SB Dunk

Supreme SB Dunk

Shanghai SB Dunk

Homer Simpson SB Dunk

Brut SB Dunk

Pushead SB Dunk

Mondrian SB Dunk

Money Cat SB Dunk

New Castle SB Dunk