Ok…I decided to do TWO lists….LoL….I was having a tough time deciding what I wanted on my list and I came up with an easy solution…First List – My top Ten shoes that actually released in 2010. Second List – My Top Ten shoes I procured in 2010, no matter WHEN they released….. This made things much easier….. All the shoes on both list, are kicks that I own and are my pics…I didnt add anything that I wasnt able to get, although there are QUITE a few, that would be on there, if I did….That list would just make me upset that I didnt get em, so I just skipped over them, as I am tryin to forget the pain of not gettin em………..yet……..LoL…

List One – 2010 Releases – In no particular order…..

1) Asics Gel Lyte IIIs – I couldnt decide which pair to list, so I threw a few of my favorites on there..Theyre all the same shoe, so I figured that was legal…LoL.. RF x Asic GLIII “Navy/Aquas”, RF x Asic GLIII “Super Reds”, RF x Asic GLIII “Culture Shoq IIs”, RF x Asic GLIII ” Coves”, Blk/Neon GLIIIs, Wht/Pink/Blue GLIIIs (Word to my man@ 4Mosa1980 for the last Gems) –


2) Jordan “Bin 23” IXs

3) Nike Air Toki “Canvas” – These shoes are so simple and clean. Love this c/w…And this shoe absolutely snaps necks everywhere I wear em…..Suprisingly even, for how plain and simple of a shoe it is…Mad comfy too…

4) Saucony Elite Shadow 5000 x Bodega – Blue and Teal pair….I only grabbed these two c/ws, out of the 4 that dropped in this pack….I kinda regret that now, because the other 2 c/ws arent that easy to find….But these two are definitely the nicer of the 4 pair..Quality on these will make you slap yo momma….LoL

5) AJKOs – Im not gonna even get into how much I love both of these shoes right here….It would take up too much space…These are special…..F’n LOVE these…..

6) Jordan VI “Motorsports” – Buttery loveliness………………

7) “DJ AM” Dunk Highs & “DJ Premier” Air Force 1s “Rivalry Pack” – Im a huge DJ Premier fan..Greatest Hip Hop producer of all time, IMO…and the AM Dunks are just crack…….

8 ) Air Max 90 “Concords”, “I Am The Rules” Euro Exclusive & “FeetHeat IDs” – (Word to @Sheinzy for the “I Am The Rules” 90s) Concords are my all time favorite Air Max 90 c/w, so maybe thats my true #1 Release of 2010…LoL

9) Air Trainer SC 2010 –

10) Air Max 1 “Wallabee” & “Omegas” – I like all the Omega Air Max 1s, but this my favorite of the two I grabbed..

List 1 complete!!! Onto the Second List……Here we go…..

List 2 – 2010 pickups…Not released in 2010…Just aquirred in 2010….Matter of fact, no 2010 release on this list at all…  In no particular order

1) A few different Air Max 90s Patta “Homegrown”, JDSports Exclsuive “Spruce Green”, “Hemps” & “Tech Pack” Purple pair..Quite a few others as well, but Im not gonna list em all…LoL – Thanks to @4Mosa1980 once again, for the Homegrown 90s

2) Air Max 1  “Atmos” –

3) Air Max “Game Days” – aka the scrapped “Vick V” upper, with a different midsole…..

4) A few different Trainer SCs “Deluxe” Lows, “Dominican Flags” Univ Blues & Wht/Orng –  Word to @Jtowery For the “Dominican Flags” and the White/Orange SCs…Miss you Homie…RIP….Word to @Orli161 for the White/Uni Blues….

5) Jordan III “True Blues” – Word to @Sheinzy, once again, for the hook up on these

6) 1989 “Air Liner” Highs – Word to @KVegas, coming through HUGE on these…First Outbiding me, then offering them to me…..Dude made my year….

7) 1992 Adidas “Mutombos” –

8 ) 1985 Jordan 1s Not in the best condition ever, but not bad at all, for 25 years old….And still fully wearable, and no INSANE reseller price on these either….

9) 1997 Jordan “Flint” XIIIs – Still fully wearable as well, and you can’t see it here, but that Hologram is still clear….. @Sheinzy will like that….LoL

10) 1993 Converse Kevin Johnson “Run N Slams” –

Ok, those are my official lists…..Heres a few pairs that almost made it, but will be under my “Honorable Mentions” category…

Honorable Mentions –

Dunk SB “Quagmires” –

1992 Reebok “Graphite Pro” Lows –

And perhaps my greatest pickup of the year, but not in my size….SMH…Theyre for my Godson, and even though he won’t fit them for a few years, I woulda been an idiot to pass up on em, for the Pennies and pocket lint I paid for em…LoL

1992 Sky Jordan VII –

                                                                                                                                                                           – FeetHeat