So, along with tryin to step up my picture game in general lately, I also downloaded a photo editing program trial run. It has REALLY helped my pictures out, and I feel like it made me improve on my camera work as well…I always try to take “good” pics, but now I make that extra effort to take all around solid pictures….Lights, background, exposure, all that ish….(Hitting the 10 second timer for some of these pics is a pain in the ass too sometimes….LoL)…..And now being capable to touch up and edit all the little details and shadows and stuff, I think I might have to purchase one of these Editing programs…..Heres a few of my recent pics…ENJOY!!

2005 “Ice” Air Max 90s….I caught a frickin laser beam…..( Dr. Evil voice…LoL ) –

Air Max 90s ( Anniversary gift from my girl) –

“Tech Pack” Air Max 90s –

“Concord” Air Max 90s –

“Infrared” Air Max 90s –

2010 Air Max 1 IDs –

“Varsity Pack” Prpl Saucony Shadow 6000s –

1993 Converse React Rapid Trainer IIs –

“Melo” Jordan IVs –

1996 Flight 3 Lows …..I love that Pine Green Jewel Swoosh –

Lebron VII “Dunkman” aka my Godsons birthday sneakers…Well, I wear em on his birthday…I had em on when he was born and when I first saw him that day..Sooo, I’ll wear em once a year for the next ?? years…..LoL –

1999 Trainer SCs –

Eddie Cruz “west” Af1 Highs….Another Anniversary gift from my girl…She always gets me some super dope kicks…..Shes the best! 8^) –

More pics to come soon…Peace!!

– FeetHeat