This past Friday, Dec 2nd we were invited by Nike Bball to attend and cover the PRE-release of the LeBron 9 “FREEGUMS.” The shoes will hit
retailers Nationwide on the 31st of Dec. Shoe Gallery were given 50 for their early release; as well as HOH Miami. UNKWN will also 50
pair when they open their doors on the 16th(Date could change). Nike Basketball; along with Shoe Gallery put together a very dope event.
DJ Irie on the music, Hennessy for the drinks and a Cheeseburgers/Tacos for the food. It was an awesome night for Miami, Freegums and
Nike Basketball.

The wall is amazing. S/O to Brian and his team for doing an awesome job on giving the wooden wall the Henna Tatt. lol

All the shoes on the wall were promo/display pairs. All left feet with no right foot to match; to be sold. I’m surprised none were taken.

From far away the shoe looks like a typical Blacl/White LeBron. It is very far from that.

We were told by Nike Basketball that there were 5 five wooden boxes made. One for Nike Archive, one for LeBron, one for Freegums, one for
UNKWN and the one on display was raffled off to a lucky winner that night.

The wooden pieces are an exact replica of the canvas they’re set up on. Freegums’ art is incredible; and Nike’s graphic Design team is on point.

The blocks are numbered. 1 to 150. For the amount of PRE-release shoes that come in the special box. The Nationwide general release will
not have the Freegums inspired box. Those will come in the regular white LeBron box.

Take a look at the canvas underneath the wooden blocks.

I don’t recall ever seeing a more intricately lasered box than this one.

The more you look at the box, the more you see.


Everyone who copped from Shoe Gallery had their boxes pre signed for them by the artist.


We picked up a pair for one of our friends. Lucky guy. lol

S/O to Danny; and his Staff over at Shoe Gallery for their support. Congrats on a great event.