This past Friday; Dec 16th was the Grand Opening of “UNKNWN.” Located in Aventura Mall no where near South Beach where some major
publications wrongly stated, the store is definitely a one of a kind. When we first got word over a year ago that LeBron and a few of his good
friends were spreading their retail wings down here in South Florida, the first thing that came toour minds was why Aventura Mall of all
places. They’ve already got a Champs Sports, Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, adidas Originals, Puma, Journeys,Macy’s,Bloomingdales,
Nordstroms, Uptown and another handful of stores that already sale sneakers. After it set in, we quickly realized that it actually was a smart
move. They main focus isn’t sneakers at all. Their focus is high end street branded fashion. There isn’t one store in that mall where you could
buy a pair of LeBrons, Vans, an Original Fake Shirt, see Dr. Romanelli custom art pieces on the wall, pick up a bag from the Lexdray x Boylston
Trading Co.  (FLG Collection)
, or buy a few Ambush Design Jewerly. The store speaks to a different consumer. They stock quite a few a very
well selected lifestyle brands.

The Footwear vendors are going to have so much fun with this front window. They did an awesome job with the Freegums display for their

The size of the store is perfect. Not too big. Not too small. We appreciated the layout and the space to walk around in comfort.

As Sneaker Enthusiasts, the first thing that caught our attention was the 45 iPad wall display; each mounted on a bracket like a mini TV.

The cool thing about the display is that each shoe has it’s own dedicated screen playing a mini movie/clip of someone trying on the shoe that’s
on display. We briefly spoke w/ Frankie about how difficult and time consuming it was to create that. Imagine how time consuming and difficult
it’s going to be to maintain it as the shoes get rotated on the shelves and new stock comes in. We still think it’s DOPE nonetheless.

Let’s meat the staff. Ok. LeBron isn’t staff but, he’s definitely involved. It was awesome that he came by and actually hung out for quite some
time; hours at least. After the paparazzi calmed down we asked King James for a pic without all the madness, flashing lights and shoving. Ha
Don’t be surprised if you see similar pics floating around like this. As soon as we went to snap our pictures, paparazzi caught wind and bum
rushed us both. LOL

From left to right, Frankie & Mike. The co-Owners of the establishment. It was good to finally meet in person having communicated through
email, text, and BBM for quite some time now. These guys seem really cool, humble and ready to work hard to earn their respect. The two
seem like night and day. Different personalities, fashion sense and style.

Norma. Employee. She’s awesome. Great personality and style.

Norma flashed us back to 95- 96′ when RZA had his Gold Fangs. These are crazy! We like ’em. Follow Norma.

Brandon. Employee. Brandon was cool as well. Very social and had a good spirit about him. Follow Brandon.

We also had the pleasure of meeting the girls from Fruition LV. Val, Samantha & Alexa.

Phillipe’s was catered to serve food. We got so full of the ribs, chicken satay, shrimp dumplings, veggie pot stickers and all the Belvedere we
could drink. ha!

They were a bunch Jordans, Yeezys, LeBrons and what most of us consider “HEAT” worn for the night but these two took the cake for us.
Mike and his girl pulled a his & hers. Overall the night was fun, met a few cool people, got inspired to work harder at what we do. Hope you
guys enjoyed our little recap of the night. Peace. S/O to both Frankie & Mike. Thanks for the invite.