It’s the end of year and we at Sneakerbox are plotting on a bunch of great things to bring to light for our readers. A while back we had the pleasure of talking
with Nike Basketball’s CGM (color, graphics & materials) Design Team about the many shoes that they are responsible for. From the South Beach LeBron 8
to the Camo Lunar Hypergamers. From the Nerfs, Weather Man and Scoring Titles for Kevin Durant, to the Kobe’s 5 Rings, Italian Camo to LeBron’s Freegums.
The list goes on and on and on. As of recent; everybody and their mother has been trying to figure out how to get their hands on a pair of WTT LeBron 9s.
Our good friend George recently took a trip to UnKnwn Miami to discover the shoes on display. Inspired by Givenchy’s album cover art work on Jay-Z & Kanye
West’s collaborative album, Watch The Throne, we wanted to show you guys not only the shoe but the most interesting thing about the shoe itself. The Gold
Plated Jewel Pieces. Six shoes never to hit retail. Six custom hand made jewel pieces by Gabriel Urist who’s been pretty quiet as of lately.  Enjoy the few
pictures below that were given to us of Gabe in his workshop making the gold pieces.