Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Workout, Reebok Classics has collaborated with fifteen top retail partners from
around the globe. One of a handful of sneakers that defies its age, the Reebok Workout is a true classic. Originally designed
as a multi-discipline shoe, the sneaker provided a cross-gender solution to lateral support as well as a point-of-difference,
making a simple shoe an icon. The evolved dual strap concept lending both functionality and an arresting aesthetic.

In 1987 — 25 years ago — the Workout had a slight makeover. Adding extra paneling on the forefoot, the sneaker became
more durable for street wear and the Reebok Workout Plus was born.

In all white or black-on-black, the Workout became the everyman shoe of choice. Versatile enough to weather stylistic changes,
various cuts of denim and grow agelessly, the clean aspirations of the Workout continued for generations to follow.

Through boom times and recession, the Workout has remained recognizable. Serving time as both a status symbol and as
a shoe for pure function, the Workout has attained icon status.

To highlight the anniversary collection, Highsnobiety has partnered with Reebok to present a Microsite showcasing each
of the fifteen sneakers. Through a series of photographs and stories, we reflect on the worldwide appeal of the shoe and
see how each partner translated their vision of the Workout.

The 25th Anniversary Reebok Workout Plus collection will be available in stores starting February 15, 2012.

Keep checking for updates on each collab as the previews become available.

“We made it easy as usual. The name of the shoe was our inspiration: The Workout. We started to make a workout competition. The aim: Who is losing more weight until the release of the shoes. The winner will be announced on release day. Hikmet or Sükret is the answer. Until then hard workout and a strict diet. And guess what, the diet brought us often fish on the table. So we thought, why not a different idea for the material? We used fish leather for our Reebok Workout shoe. A nice brown fish leather which gives the shoe an exclusive and premium look and feel. The first Reebok Workout Low Plus ever made in fish leather! Happy Birthday Workout!”

The Reebok Workout Low Plus became popular as a multi-purpose fitness shoe which can be used for workouts such as weight training. At the same time, workwear was produced focusing on work efficiency and easy usage. Both items incorporate beauty derived from their function, which created high demand. The shoes are loved and worn by people around the world as fashion items even in this 21st century, and still continues to attract many people with its design and added value. Mita Sneakers presents the collaboration model which is a mixture of the Workout and the workwear, two shoes with functional beauty, imprinting simile in style and metaphor in concept.

We wanted to propose a classic take on the Reebok Workout shoe. With an upper as grey as the Parisian rooftops & the streets that we skate. Orange as an honour to the classic gum soles. Since we have our heart in skate culture, maybe it wasn’t a hazard the shoe ended up looking something like a skate shoe… For the materials we wanted something more technical; water-resistant suede for the upper, Thinsulate™ lining & an inner sole with cushion. Easy on the looks but performing for the user.

When we were approached by Reebok to be involved in this project we wanted to stay true to the shoe — an understated classic. Trying to do too much takes away from the authenticity of what the Workout Low meant to the market when it was at its height. If you didn’t have a few pair of Workouts along with Phase 1s, your wardrobe wasn’t complete. The gum bottom is what made it — the contrast and the way it all blended together made them a classic from the corner to the club. Maroon suede and gum haven’t made it yet — hopefully this one adds to classics…

We are from the South of Italy. Taranto. There’s no rush down here. The time passes slowly and it doesn’t let any temporary fashion phenomenon change the rules or bother too much the timeless style we’ve been always pursuing. Our rules are the classics. It means quality of the product and reliability. It means spending good time in our store with our customers. Inside our store SNEAKERS is the topic. With Reebok we decided to use the best materials available on the market. The upper has been made of pieno fiore leather. For the strings we chose the organic cotton and for the sole the best natural rubber. The wooden insert represents the core of our store. We thought about an high quality sneaker that has to be worn and not simply looked at. A quality sneaker with a piece of our store set on it. The golden details symbolize the golden medal we give to the Reebok Workout Low Plus. A shoe that has gained the classics sneakers label through the time. And down here we know what time means.

For the development of this project, our idea was to try to do something that no one had done before with this classic model. We knew it was a difficult task. We tried to work in the structure of the model in a very basic way, applying color following the lines of the original design, as a trompe l’oeil, creating a different structure, and giving strength to the back of the shoe. Moreover, we decided to use neoprene in some parts, softening the hardness of leather. The result: a personal reinterpretation of an icon which captures our character.

The inspiration for our version of the classic Reebok Workout Plus comes from the greatest animal in the Swedish woods — the moose. Famous for having a superior leather quality and great tasting meat, the moose is very common in Sweden. Therefore the annual moose hunt is a very big thing for the hunters here. Actually, for many hunters the moose hunt is the only workout they’ll get. The Sneakersnstuff x Reebok Workout Plus is made out of quality moose leather from Sweden.

The Workout Low Plus was launched in 1987 as a sports fitness shoe, but it was built with numerous technical features that provided many benefits which set it apart from the average sports shoe. Notched back tabs allowed the feet to move more freely, heel and toe wraps provided lateral stability and durability, DI-Tex 107 injected into the midsole promoted lightweight and superior cushioning, and the patented H-Strap midfoot design allowed a custom fit. The shoe was also extremely versatile, performing adeptly in the weight room, an exercise class, on track or on a court. The origin of the purple carrot’s roots can be traced back many thousands of years. Wild carrots only exist in purple or yellow roots and by chance, natural mutations occur to produce orange. Dutch growers took these mutated orange carrots and developed them into a sweeter and more practical domestic variety that we are familiar with today. The purple carrot is very nutritious and offers many benefits that set it apart from the average carrot. They have been found to contain antioxidants, be antiviral, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, whilst beta-carotenes and phytochemicals found in purple carrots have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. Showing their own versatility, purple carrots are also being increasingly used as a natural dye product in place of synthetic chemical colourings. So both the Workout Low Plus and the purple carrot offer many benefits to the consumer and both play an integral role in relation to two key aspects of physical fitness and well-being: exercise and diet. Espionage from Sydney, Australia is proud to be part of the Reebok Workout Low Plus 25th anniversary celebration.