Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Workout, Reebok Classics has collaborated with fifteen top retail partners from around the globe.
One of a handful of sneakers that defies its age, the Reebok Workout is a true classic. The Solebox “Tilapia” is the first of the fifteen collabs
that were previewed and they’re also the first ones we got our hands on.

“We made it easy as usual. The name of the shoe was our inspiration: The Workout. We started to make a workout competition. The aim:
Who is losing more weight until the release of the shoes. The winner will be announced on release day. Hikmet or Sükret is the answer.
Until then hard workout and a strict diet. And guess what, the diet brought us often fish on the table. So we thought, why not a different idea
for the material? We used fish leather for our Reebok Workout shoe. A nice brown fish leather which gives the shoe an exclusive and premium
look and feel. The first Reebok Workout Low Plus ever made in fish leather! Happy Birthday Workout!” – Hikmet

Gary, you did an awesome job shooting these.