Never have we been so impressed with an Air Jordan post his Career. Never. For years now Jordan Heads, Sneaker Collectors and Ball Players have been
on and off the fence about how they feel towards the Air Jordan. After Tinker stepped down as Lead Designer in 2001 letting Wilson Smith design the
Air Jordan XVI(16) some say the Flagship shoe suffered until he took over again in 2005 with the Air Jordan XX(20). Since then it’s been an arguable topic
that he’s had some hits and misses. We now grace our eye upon the all new 2012 Air Jordan. This is the one. The one that resurrects the brand’s Flagship
Shoe. We got a chance to try the shoe on while it was still in it’s “Sampling” stages about 9 months ago and we were impressed then. As Feb 8th approaches
and we see the packaging, the system, the technology and feel the comfort, there’s no doubt in our minds that the Air Jordan is Back. This version is a Deluxe
version to be offered at select doors including Mr. R Sports. Take a look at whats in store.

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We’ve been invited to NYC by Jordan Brand to attend the official Media Launch of the Air Jordan 2012, check back with us for our Pre Flight coverage
before reach New York and our “Inside The Air Jordan 2012” coverage while away on our trip.