“The Greatest Nike Air Foamposite One ever?”

So the dust has settled; or has it? The Paranorman Foamposites have all been either auctioned off for charity or sent out to the #wierdwins contest winners. After pictures and the story of the ParaNorman Nike Air Raid 2s surfaced, we all fell back in love with the one shoe we won’t ever own. There are tons of rumors flying around about another auction happening in November. There’s also rumors of a few pair hitting retail as a Halloween Quick Strike. However; I think I’m responsible for putting that thought into peoples heads. Haha Well as promised, I wanted to share a few facts; and couple un known details about the shoe and project overall with you guys. Enjoy.

There were initially 3 design concepts created for this movie. The Foamposite One obviously was the most liked one. However; Phil Knight saw the Air Raid 2 ideal and immediately wanted a pair. Not too many people have seen the art work and original sketches for the Dunk that didn’t make it. Below are a few pictures from the Original Laika/Nike photo shoot that took place. I’ve also included a few fun facts for those of you that care.

Lining up the smoke with the sole.

When they printed the Galaxy Foamposite One, I was told that it’s was just an infinite amount of print they punched out and assembled the shoe with. With the smoke they had to line it up so it was at the bottom of the pattern so when it was attached to the sole it was placed correctly. They had a little room to work with but basically the smoke trails are supposed to match up on all the shoes and the Galaxy’s are all different. That alone, took a lot more effort on Nike’s end.

The pull tab and offset printing.

This is Nike’s first time ever using offset printing on the Foamposite One’s pull tab. You can see here that they obviously done printing on other pull tabs before, but not quite like this.

Deadstock Seal.

This was genius! A tear away “Deadstock” to “UnDeadstock” seal. So clever.

The Zombie Slipper & Laces.

The zombie slipper was clipped on the green laces inside the shoe for the auction version. The laces that came with the shoe for the contest winner didn’t come with the Zombie Slipper; or the green laces. Another little unknown fact is that, on the end of the lace tips reads “gagmHggG raHR gNgG”; which is Zombie for Just Do It. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself using the Zombie Translator.

Silk-screenin the Strobel.

This was the first time Nike ever silk-screened on the strobel; aka under the insole. Not too many people that even have the shoe know this. The amount of effort that went into the making of these shoes leaves to question what’s next? Nike clearly has stepped up their game. Are you ready for Halloween? I am.