We know, I’m a sucker for vintage sneakerboxes. It’s where I pulled the name for my company from; and sneakerboxes obviously inspired my logo. Haha.I’m pleased to announce that one of my friends, Joel Colley will be participating in the Nike Graphic Design Art Show. I’ll tell you what I’ve been cleared to tell you guys. For his piece, Joel got Nike’s permission/clearance to go digging in the “Archives.” Nike Archives was so kind enough to pull boxes for Joel to take pictures of to use solely for his piece in the art show. Joel was able to go back into history and take over 70+ pictures of Nike’s history told through sneakerboxes. Some so old, we don’t even remember them; or have never seen them. Take your time, stare at the picture below and see what boxes you recognize. Do you guys have any of these in your closets? If you’re in Portland on Oct 13th, be sure to check out Joel’s work in person. His piece will be for sale. All proceeds from the show will go towards Girl Effect. Head on over to his personal site for more art, design and randomness. O yeah, He’s also on instagram.

I couldn’t give you guys a full size image but here’s a zoom of some interesting boxes. Enjoy.