Last month, some folks from the Whispr Group reached out to me about one of their new clients and a pretty cool product they thought might interest me. The company and product is called HICKIES. Hickies, is a fun/colorful elastic lacing system for your sneakers that takes the place of conventional laces. After I opened my package; and snapped these quick pictures, I laced up a pair of Nautica Canvas CVOs I had sitting in the closet to test them out.

HICKIES is running an instagram contest right now. Click here for more info.

HICKIES come in multiple colors; Sixteen to be exact. One pack retails for $19.99 and includes 14 laces; so lacing up High-Tops or Boots shouldn’t be a problem at all. Lacing instructions are included inside each case.

After lacing up the shoes, I can honestly say, they work. The first lace was pretty difficult to put on but, once I got the hand of it, it was simple to finish the rest. I noticed that the first lace is also loose. That will vary depending on how far away the eyelets are on the shoes you’ll be lacing up. The is a pretty cool product. It’s not really for me personally, but I can see a lot of High School kids and females getting into these. I don’t really see the older crowd or guys using these that much unless they take it a step further and obtain licensing for NBA/NFL teams. Not a bad idea at all.

For more info head on over to their website; or follow them on Twitter.