Futuristic Technology and Classical Tradition Come Together After the Unveiling of UCLA, Arizona State University and The University of Louisville‘s New Primeknit Alternate Jerseys.

UCLA_City__adidasFootball_Chest UCLA_City__adidasFootball_Gloves UCLA_City__adidasFootball_Baselayer

UCLA is one of the most recognizable universities in the country and their jerseys have always reflected that sense tradition. Starting with the smooth powder blue that washes over you like a wave. The blue is countered by a crisp gold that seems to shine in the fall sun of the Rose Bowl. With only those as their primary colors UCLA has always been a nod to college football past. However, head coach Jim Mora and the athletic staff are now looking toward the future. It is evident after the unveiling of “The City” Primeknit alternate uniform.

The powder blue and sparkling gold are still part of these new jerseys, but the primary focus is toward modern design and that is where the all-black theme comes in. The traditional look can be seen with the classic UCLA stripes right on the shoulder pads. Except these stripes embrace a more forward thinking look as they are in a metallic version. The jersey numbers will also feature this metallic style and not only that they use the powder blue to outline the gold of the numbers in perfect harmony.

For those of you who are concerned this new all-back modern take on the jerseys would ruin the classic nature that is UCLA fear no more! The classic logo has not changed in design and it will still be placed prominently on the helmet in gold lettering. As well, the script UCLA will be at the left hip of the pants. Even though these jerseys encourage forward thinking they never forget the historic past.

What good would new futuristic jerseys be, if they did not provide all-new technology? That is why Adidas made sure UCLA would be using top of the line tech in their new uniforms. Starting with the jersey numbers and stripes they have both been laser cut and serrated, which allows for maximum ventilation and flexibility. That type of futuristic design ensures players will be as comfortable as possible.

Additionally the fabric is made with a cutting-edge, proprietary yarn blend that increases durability and abrasion resistance, Primeknit is the premier compression uniform system, featuring the latest generation of Adidas TECHFIT technology. Players can take these Primeknit jerseys to the absolute limit and that technology will bend, but never break. The technology in these jerseys seems like something out of a Sci Fi movie as they almost act as super suites. Players will keep cool in the heat and maintain full range of motion, meaning it will feel like the jersey is apart of them as they play. They can thank bodymap fit technology for that, as it adheres to the players even making them harder to grab or tackle.

Finally, players will be equipped with 5-star 4.0 gloves, which feature 4-way stretch mesh for compression fit and GripTack 2.0. These gloves can withstand the test of any weather conditions to ensure players always are at the best possible advantage. Like the modern metallic jerseys these gloves connect with UCLA’s unforgettable past as they feature the UCLA script logo and the famous Los Angeles Skyline in the lettering. Make no mistake about it UCLA may be looking at a bright future, but that certainly does not mean they are leaving the past behind.

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