adidas and Snoop Dogg revealed the 2016 Snoop Dogg adizero 5-Star 5.0 Money Cleat. Designed in collaboration with Snoop, adidas’ Director of Football Development, this special edition cleat pays homage to his famous lyrics “I’ve got my mind on my money and my money on mind,” from the second track on his debut album, Doggystyle.

The 2016 adizero 5-Star 5.0 x Money Cleat takes the all-new Chromaflage pattern, the latest evolution of adidas Football’s iconic and disruptive ‘flage’ pattern cleats, and seamlessly blends in unique design elements that were inspired and influenced by Snoop Dogg and his gold certified and Grammy Award nominated single.

From the money infused Chromaflage pattern, to the legendary lyrics, to the “Gotta Hustle” lace jewelry and $10,000 money band, to the $100 bill inspired 3D laser security strip emblazoned into the adidas three stripes graphic on the shoebox, the 2016 adizero 5-Star 5.0 x Kevlar Snoop cleats” cleats are a complete homage to Snoop, his song lyrics and his influence on the game.

Snoop’s football passion extends to the community where over 10 years ago, he started the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL​ ) in Los Angeles, which has provided thousands of young boys and girls a positive environment to learn skills for life – championing kids to be better citizens on and off the field. His leadership and commitment to the SYFL stems from a desire to create a positive environment in local communities through sports.

The 2016 adizero 5-Star 5.0 x Snoop Money Cleat
Engineered for playmakers, designed to showcase style. Lighter than any competitor cleat at 7.9 ounces, the lightweight Snoop Dogg adizero 5-Star 5.0 features a durable, flexible a SPRINTSKIN upper with IRONSKIN laid over the toebox for durability. The 5-STAR FRAME, featuring a plate reinforced with KEVLAR®, is the optimum blend of lightweight, strength and traction.

adidas Chromaflage
Chromaflage takes the innovation, disruption and customization of football cleats to another level by adding the element of 3D photorealism. Pushing the boundaries of manufacturing techniques, adidas designers created an environment where an actual photo or image could be projected through a 3D liquid crystal graphic to create a distorted, 3D Chromaflage pattern. Through digital printing, each image utilizes the liquid crystal to add depth and richness to the imagery in order to create a unique 3D look, while keeping the same Chromaflage feel.

The nod to Snoop’s lyrics continues with an accessories package that includes the adizero 5-Star 5.0 gloves, featuring an oversized photo-realistic graphic of Ben Franklin, along with a Chromaflage money arm sleeve and socks, complete with $10,000 money band.

The 2016 adizero 5-Star 5.0 x Kevlar Snoop cleats is now available at​.

Snoop Dogg adizero Money Cleat 2016 Snoop Dogg adizero Money Cleat 2016 Snoop Dogg adizero Money Cleat 2016 Snoop Dogg adizero Money Cleat 2016Snoop Dogg adizero Money Cleat 2016