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In ASICS Tiger VOICE, people who continue to express themselves through ASICS Tiger talk about the past, present, and future of the ASICS Tiger brand from their unique viewpoints.

Vol. 3 features Ronnie Fieg, founder of New York-based Kith, a brand and boutique that has attracted attention of the world. Fieg has a rich history with our ASICS Tiger brand with collaborations dating back to 2007.

ASICS Tiger Voice: Ronnie Fieg

ASICS asked him to talk about ASICS Tiger as a designer and a highly respected figure in the footwear industry.

There are many brands. Why did you choose to collaborate with ASICS Tiger?

The reason ASICS and I collaborated stems from my childhood. When I was 8 years old, my mom bought me the original GEL-LYTE III shoes. At first I disliked the shoes because I had never seen them before, but as I wore them more and more I grew to love them. I wore that first pair until they had holes in the insoles. I wanted another pair, but when I went to the store to buy them, I was told they no longer carried the GEL-LYTE III. It had been discontinued. That was in the 1990’s. Fast-forward to 2007, and I was being presented with the opportunity to work with ASICS on any retro GEL-shoe product from the archive book. While looking through the book I came across the GEL-LYTE III and my heart began to beat faster. I knew that I wanted to work on that shoe because of how much it meant to me personally.

ASICS Tiger Voice: Ronnie Fieg

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