If there’s any question still as to whether the Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Away” will match up to its predecessor, the “Shattered Backboard” and its premium quality materials; these images should put those concerns to rest. The AJ XXI “Shattered Backboard” updated silhouette also looks like it received the premium materials treatment along with the modern tech upgrades. Check out the official images below from Jordan brand and get the story and history of how the now famous color-way came to be.

Michael Jordan’s career was full of epic moments that we still talk about today when recounting his legacy and what he meant to the sport of basketball. One of those moments happened after his rookie season during an exhibition game in Trieste, Italy where Jordan shattered expectations by literally shattering a backboard.

The box score shows that Jordan scored 30 that night, but what isn’t revealed is this signature moment is now just part of Jordan’s long list of legendary lore and global appeal. The new AJ XXXI “Shattered Backboard” and AJ 1 “Shattered Away” colorways celebrate this historic Michael Jordan moment and reminds of his capacity to continually defy expectations.

Air Jordan XXXI “Shattered Backboard”


Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Away”

The new AJ XXXI “Shattered Backboard” and AJ 1 “Shattered Away” colorways are a celebration of this moment. Both shoes will be available next Saturday, 10/8 on Nike SNKRS .