On October 1st, Boston-based New Balance will begin releasing styles from the MiUSA Photographic Journey Collection.

Drawing inspiration from old photos and captured memories, the collection uses a monochromatic color palette to convey a timeless yet modern feel. Each shoe in the Photographic Journey Collection is made in the USA and represents the finest in American craftsmanship. Just like your favorite filter, this collection is flattering in every scenario.

Between October 1st and December 1st, New Balance will launch rounds of releases from the collection online, here.

Distinct is the most premium offering of MiUSA, made with unique, quality materials and a focus on fashion-forward details. All styles feature full nubuck, perforated and premium leather details.

998 – Releases October 1st, $219.95

1300 – Releases October 1st, $224.95

997 – Releases November 1st, $229.95
990 – Releases November 1st, $229.95


Styles from MiUSA Connnoisseur feature suede, mesh and reflective details.

990v2 – Releases October 1st, $209.95
997CEF – Releases October 1st, $209.95
998 – Releases October 1st, $179.95
997CUR – Releases Decemeber 1st, $209.95
1300 – Releases Decemeber 1st, $199.95