For more than six years, Nike and Jun Takahashi, founder of apparel brand, Undercover, have partnered to redefine running wear. Each NikeLab Gyakusou collection builds upon the last, blending leading Nike innovation with Takahashi’s creative and athletic sensibilities. The collection notably reflects Nike’s approach to transformative design, as select items are designed to reduce distraction by being easily packable.                                                                   

Here, Takahashi explains the meditative nature of running and the philosophy of Gyakusou since its inception.

Running is my biggest source of creativity. It makes sense that I create apparel and footwear to support my running, which I dedicate time to everyday. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a strong desire to express my feelings through apparel.                                                      

Rather than incorporate the meditative idea of running into Gyakusou, I think about making everyday running more comfortable.

One of the biggest objectives for Gyakusou has been to update the looks of runners by using subtle colors that blend well with the urban atmosphere. I wanted to collaborate with Nike on running-wear to fuse my design aesthetics with Nike’s design functionality and technology.  

Since the very beginning, I’ve made the Gyakusou color palette to blend well with both the urban and natural landscape using neutral colors. I intentionally include earthy colors and the traditional colors of Japan. Only this season have I included contrasting colors in the palette.  

The Holiday 2016 NikeLab Gyakusou is available beginning November 10 on online here and at select NikeLab stores.