The reseller or “sneaker broker” is a shadow figure within the sneaker community; always out-hustling to procure that limited edition and now “SOLD OUT” release while you were still fumbling your credit card and frantically pecking away at a keyboard during check-out. Who are these rogues? How do they do it?

Directed by Benjamin Skipworth for Inkwell FilmsSneaker Broker, is a 5:26 documentary-short that gives buyers and sellers a glimpse into the life of arguably one of the greatest resellers of all time, Yuanrun Zheng, better known as “23Penny” or “Z”. Say, hi to the “bad guy”. Zheng takes the audience on a journey that offers indispensable knowledge on how his business functions and even why you shouldn’t be salty with him on release day after you strike out on a coveted limited edition pair of hyped kicks. Whether sneakers are your business, hobby, or even both; this is a must watch for anyone whose ever wondered were all the Yeezy’s went on release day.