Words and images by @IamJeffreyJason

After being inspired by a conversation last night, I decided I would highlight a couple classic FILA models worn by one of my favorite players and NBA veteran Jerry Stackhouse for today’s edition of #IITS. The NBA in the 1990′s was amazing to watch and I have fond memories of watching Stack play in Philly and Detroit while I was in High School. In addition to loving his game, I loved the FILA Stackhouse & FILA Stack Mid and remember the second I got my first pair of Stackhouse Lows; I laced them up and made moves. Back then, much like today, there was nothing like donning a brand new pair of your favorite sneakers and heading off to school, the court, or the mall; and when the FILA Stackhouse retros in February of 2013 I will definitely be doing two of those three things in them the second I put them on my feet.

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