Saturday; 10 am EST 400+ sneaker lovers, Kanye West fans and pesky re-sellers will have their chance at purchasing the most sought after sneaker of the year. Questions began to surface whether this release or hype would be crazier than the infamous Nike “Galaxy” Foamposite One. The demand of course is way higher but it seems like the release will be safer. Since Nike has banned Midnight releases; and a lot of the stores not allowing people to camp out /sleep out outside of the stores, people are forced to enter raffles and try their luck.

I’m proud of what we’re doing over at Mr. R Sports. The raffle tickets have all been sold for $5 dollars and we’ve raised $2K. After our match, that’s $4K in total. That’s awesome. The Sneaker Community has come together on this one. Lot’s people know how slim their chances are but still wanted to join the cause. This money will be  donated to the Sylvester Comprehensive Caner Center ran by the University of Miami’s U Health. We invite anyone to donate and encourage all media outlets to come by and witness the power of our Sneaker Community.