The 2015 NBA Trade Deadline expired at 3pm EST on Thursday.  It seemed as if in that last hour, NBA team execs were procrastinating hoping their trades were getting approved before that deadline.  So much so, that it sent social media users in a whirlwind trying to keep up with what moves teams made. Overall, 11 trades were completed; 37 players in total joined new teams.

Here are the some of the more notable moves that were made:

Goran Dragic to the Miami Heat

The former Phoenix Suns point guard and his brother, Zoran Dragic were traded to the Miami Heat in a multi-player, 3-team trade.

Kevin Garnett returns to Minnesota

The Minnesota Timberwolves bring back their greatest player in franchise history. Sending Thaddeus Young to the Brooklyn Nets in return.

Reggie Jackson to the Pistons; Enes Kanter to OKC

The OKC Thunder also moved Jackson in a multi-player 3-team trade. It also sent Kendrick Perkins to the Utah Jazz and Enes Kanter to OKC in return.

Brandon Knight to the Suns; Carter-Williams to the Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks send Brandon Knight to the Suns, but received Michael Carter-Williams from the Philadelphia 76ers. And the Sixers get a nice draft pick.

Here are other trades made before the deadline

Did the teams involved get better or worse? Did your favorite team make the right moves to reach the playoffs or even the NBA Finals?

We’ll see.