The Chicago Bulls announced late Tuesday night that an MRI exam confirmed a meniscus tear of Derrick Rose’s right knee, which will require surgery. This means that for the 3rd-straight season D Rose will likely be out for the rest of the season. This is not only a devastating blow to Rose, but it is a tough blow to the Bulls franchise, the city of Chicago, the NBA, and also Adidas.

There are some tough decisions than could be made. D Rose is scheduled to make $20 million next season and $21.3 million in the 2016-17 season. Will the Bulls continue to keep him on the roster for the next two seasons? Could he be traded? Will he get injured again after his next return? Will he stay on the roster past the 2016-17 season? Will consumers continue to buy his Adidas signature shoes? Will his brand decline?

So many questions, so little answers…

We wish Derrick Rose a speedy recovery.