According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Adidas submitted a bid offer for $200 Million over 13 years to Houston Rockets guard James Harden on Monday.  Though Harden’s contract is expired with Nike, they still have by the end of next week to match the offer or Harden is free to sign with Adidas.  This offer will be larger than his current deal with the Rockets, which was a 5-year deal for $80 million deal in 2012.

Should Nike match this offer?

They just dealt with this last summer when Under Armour offered Kevin Durant upwards of $285 million for over 10 years before Nike ended up matching the offer to keep Durant. They passed on Stephen Curry before he ended up signing with Under Armour and also recently lost golfer Jordan Speith to Under Armour. Nike currently commands over 90% of the basketball shoe market.  Sure, they can afford to keep Harden, but for $200 million that would mean that they’d have to market Harden like they would with Durant.