The Box Trolls x Nike Rosherun

In The Boxtrolls, a human baby boy is forced into the caring arms of sewer-dwelling, cardboard-wearing, bug-eating creatures called the Boxtrolls and tenderly raised as one of their own. The story illustrates the power of adoptive families and that even though the Boxtrolls and human boy are far from similar, their differences make no difference when it comes to caring for each other.

Designer Tinker Hatfield did an awesome job capturing the world that the Box Trolls live in. Fans of the Laika’s Coraline and Paranorman are sure to want these bad. We do. How about you? Enjoy the images below. For details, check here; and to bid on a pair, head on over to the auction.

The Box Trolls x Nike Rosherun (1 of 6)

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