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Back in March we held a contest with the good folks over at Sneakerpedia to give away a Beta Code for their website. We had a lot of fun doing so. Numerous entries were emailed to us for the chance to win; in turn we got the chance to take a  look at a wide variety of sneakers from all over the world. It was very hard for me to choose the winner but I had to. I wanted to take to the out and introduce you guys to Chia-How Chang aka 4Mosa1980. We asked C.H.C. to send over a little write up of himself so we could share with you guys. Here it is.

So my name is 4mosa, half Taiwanese half Japanese Sn’ead living in Amsterdam for the majority of my life. Turning 31 this year, so I’ve been around for a while.
I only seriously starting keeping my kicks (and boxes) since the last 2 years actually, so I’m “new” to the game. I’ve been copping kicks for much longer than that, but that was more because I “needed” to be fresh as a Bboy. Safe to say, those days are behind me and I couldn’t ruff my kicks up anymore bustin’ moves or breaking down. :)
My first loves were heather grey Kangeroos, and all-white AM1’s, so I guess that’s where my love for Runners came from. To this day, I still consider Runners to be my #1 models, and AM1’s especially. Coming from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, these are easy to come by.
Since a year or so, I’m starting to feel Basketball kicks more and more, but those are mostly not releasing here. Which is where my US homies come in.
I do find my taste changing more and more, shifting more to the high-end (Japanese) brands, like visvim. Kinda going together in my changing taste in apparel as well. “Grown men” clothes and shoes like I like to call it. Probably has to do a lot with my job as a manager as well.
My love for sneakers will never die though, and I can’t see myself not owning at least a couple of pairs ever.

So this is where I should stop. :)
Just want to shout out to ITSB for hooking me up with Sneakerpedia, and Sneakerpedia for this humongous but oh so needed undertaking!!
And a side-shout out to FeetHeat for hooking me up with some of my favorite kicks to date!

Brand: Tech One
Model: Rival
Type: Retro Running
Year: ????

An European Runner from the no longer manufactured brand Tech One. This is the “Rival” version. I know there is a “Racer” version as well (which is where the box is from), which has Tiffany’s teal instead of the purple.Unfortunately I cannot find any information about the brand or the shoe itself. So if there are any OG heads out there who know more, bring the knowledge! I actually came across this shoe at a small (and the only consignment) store in the Netherlands, and lucky for me for having small feet (I wear a size 7.5-8.5). I regret not grabbing the “Racer” version as well.

Brand: Converse
Model: Backjam Mid “Grandmama”
Type: Basketball
Year: 1993-1994

This is the 1993 Converse with the “React Juice” technology signature shoe of Larry Johnson. The Sneaker was retro’d in 2003/2004 missing the purple. All around the quality on both the Original and the retro was on point, however the original was much more comfortable as the retro’s “React Juice” was not functional (just for show).
This shoe was courtesy of ITSB’s resident FeetHeat, and part of our second (and many many more to come) trades. I love this shoe, but can’t break it out too often because of the vintage status. I scratched the Aqua VIII’s off my list because of these.

Brand: Nike
Model: Air Max Game Day “Vicks”
Type: Performance
Year: 2008

One of my all-time favorite shoes is this cemelephant version of the Nike Air Max Game Day. For those who don’t know (I’m talking about non-US residents probably), the Game Day is basically the Nike Zoom Vick 5 sitting on a full length Air Max sole. As the nickname hints, this is a “signature shoe” of Michael Dwayne Vick, an American football quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. This particular version, along with the white croc version (which I still need to find), is by far my favorite out of all the colorways.
This shoe was again courtesy of ITSB’s FeetHeat, my brother from another mother, my angel in the US, and easily in my top 3 pickups/trades ever! As mentioned, I still want that white crocalicious variant as well. So if anyone can get a DS pair in size 7.5 or 8, hit me up! Let’s get that US to Amsterdam connection going!

My Sneakerpedia page: http://www.sneakerpedia.com/users/853

If you took the time to read this all the way through, we have 1 last code to give away. The 1st person to email us for the code gets it.


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