When pictures started to surface on the net I must admit I was happy.  I keep hearing mixed info. I hear that the OG silhouette that Bruce Kilgore designed is making a return this July in the UK; which usually means a month later for us here in the states. I remember this shoe because back in ’88/89 when it dropped, it was the 1st pair of Nike i owned. This Morning I got an email from Nike to take a look at a video they added to their Youtube channel way back in March. On my birthday at that. discussing the Lunar Flow; which many people either love or HATE! I’m still hoping for the OG to return. Sorry Nathan Vanhook.

Funny Story:
Grant of Simply Complicated once entered a the future sole and came up with the below design not knowing that the Nike Air Flow actually existed. Peep his Nike Free/Flow Hybrid creation and let him know what you guys think.