On Friday, September 12th, Ray Rice was scheduled to be off his 2-game suspension for his role in a domestic violence situation that was caught on surveillance at a casino in February. TMZ was able to leak the tape of Ray dragging out his then-fiance, Janay out of the elevator, who appeared unconscious. One would assume that the punishment did not even fit the crime in any way.

There are some details of this situation that were mind-boggling. Like his then-fiance married Ray a few weeks later after the incident. Which seems a bit strategic in Ray’s part, because his then-finance would not have to testify against him for the incident. For that reason, the judge dropped the case. During Ray & Janay’s press conference about the incident, Janay apologized for her role in the situation, which didn’t make much sense because she was the victim. When Ray met with Roger
Goodell to find out his punishment, his wife was in the room as welll pleading for Goodell to give Ray some leniency on his punishment, where Goodell decided to suspend Ray for just two games. Then later on, the NFL added a new domestic violence policy, which was 1st offense was a 6-game suspension, and the 2nd offense is a lifetime ban.

Fastforward to Monday, September 8th, TMZ was able to leak a second surveillance video of the incident, this time it was inside the elevator. In the elevator, it is show Ray struck his then-fiance, Janay twice, where her head hit the railing in the elevator and knocked her unconscious. Once the mainstream and social media outlets saw the video. The NFL and the Ravens were under so much scrutiny that
the Ravens released Ray Rice and the NFL suspended him indefinitely. Which means, his career is probably over, because teams may not want to bother signing a running back that is in the tail-end of his career and also have to get approval from Roger Goodell.

Roger Goodell have been put under so much scrutiny that media outlets and women organizations want him to resign. Roger told CBS News that to his knowledge, he nor anyone in the NFL did not know of any video inside the elevator. Only problem with Roger’s statement is that AP reported that the NFL was given the tape by law enforcement in April. There is also a 12-second voicemail message where someone says of the video: “You’re Right, It is Terrible…”

One of the questions that we are wondering is how is it that Roger Goodell and the NFL have all these resources like former FBI agents and claim they were never able to obtain the tape of Ray Rice committing the crime inside of that elevator, while TMZ, and Ray Rice’s attorney had the actual tape? It did not make any sense. It seems like a cover up when you factor in all the past domestic violence cases that did not follow any sort of punishment.

All in all, the NFL is having a tough time with this situation, Goodell is guilty in the court of public opinion, because it looks like a cover-up. Should Roger Goodell resign for his role in not getting all the facts and videos to give Ray Rice the right punishment? Even though the justice system only gave Ray a $50K fine for being a first-time offender? Clearly, this situation has a lot more questions than answers.


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